KSI Advantage™ Capture & Proposal Guide: Third Edition

KSI Advantage™ Capture & Proposal Guide: Third Edition

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The KSI Advantage™ Capture & Proposal Development Guide will increase your knowledge of the federal procurement process and improve your skills in responding to Requests for Proposals (RFPs). The guide contains seven major sections:

  1. The Federal Procurement Process
  2. Phases of Proposal Development
  3. Planning to Write Proposal Sections
  4. Writing Proposal Sections
  5. Oral Proposals
  6. Appendix with Tools and Templates
  7. Glossary and Index

The 2023 Third Edition of the KSI Advantage Guide also includes the following updates:

  • An Index and Glossary of Terms to simplify and improve the reader’s ability to search, reference, and understand topics and terms — Glossary terms are highlighted in the blue, bold text where they are the first used and defined within the guide
  • The latest acquisition regulation updates, including new references to SAM.gov (formerly beta.SAM.gov), the official U.S. Government system for contract opportunities
  • Enhanced content, including additional tips for adjusting the process to best support smaller teams and quick-turn proposal efforts
  • New templates and tools have been added to the Appendix that are easy to incorporate into the reader’s current proposal process